Icmeler Transportation
Icmeler is located about 8 km from Marmaris, 100 km from Dalaman international airport and 275 km from Izmir airport. Icmeler is connected to Marmaris by a 15 minute ride on a scenic pine laden asphalt road. Although some may prefer transportation by water taxi. Generally, transportation is provided by minibus dolmus, municipality bus or water dolmus taxi with quick access to Marmaris and Turunc.

All taxis are yellow with a taxi sign an the top and can be found around Icmeler and Marmaris resorts at designated taxi ranks, around hotels and at many street corners. All taxis have meters with a fixed starting price that increases every kilometre. There are higher rates between midnight and 7 a.m. One red dot on the taxi meter indicates daytime charges, while two red dots signal higher midnight rates. Most taxis however have a fixed price for various destinations displayed on their board by the taxi rank. Be sure to check the price that will be charged at the end of your taxi trip before you get into taxi.

A dolmus is a shared minibus which operates on a regular basis along designated routes. Cheaper than a taxi, you pay one fixed rate per person for the route. Each Dolmus has a list of their destinations displayed in the side window. You can only pay in Turkish liras once you board a dolmus. The minibuses are running only when they are full, that is what the word ‘dolmus’ means in Turkish. The drivers do their best to pick up as many passengers as possible. That involves many stops en-route. To stop a dolmus you could just waive at it or flag it as you would a taxi. You may get off a dolmus anywhere on its route, where it is most convenient for you. Make sure to be seated or hold on to a handle as it could make sudden and unexpected stops to pick up more people. The local police check so that dolmuses run to their capacity, but they are sometimes tempted to carry more passengers than it is allowed. If a dolmus did not stop for you, it could only mean that it is full. Not to worry – the next one is coming soon. Dolmus drivers always communicate to each other, telling about more passengers to a driver coming behind him.
Icmeler Minibuses run to the center of Marmaris. The fee on Icmeler dolmus 2.50 TL per person at the moment. The dolmuses in Icmeler are color-coded with an orange strip on a white minibus. Most dolmuses operate from 07.15 am till 01.30 am in the morning.

Water Taxis
Water taxis connect Marmaris to Icmeler and Turunc to Marmaris in the season from May to October. They depart from Icmeler harbour and Marmaris central harbour when there are enough passengers. This could take some time, especially if you are first passengers to arrive to the water taxi. The fee is 30 TL per person in 2021. This form of transportation is very comfortable and enjoyable especially on hot summer days. You will enjoy this short boat trip, taking the coastline in from a different perspective.

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Greek island Rhodes is reachable by sea within an hour, and in tourist season from May – October, a fast catamaran is departing twice a day from Marmaris port. Visit http://rhodes.marmarisinfo.com
Unfortunately the pandemic had its affect on travel and the crossings were closed last year 2020 and remain to be closed till now the year of 2021.